About the COST

This is the COST Action grant CA21105 entitled:

Blastocystis under One Health (OneHealth Blastocystis)


The COST action “Blastocystis under One Health (CA21105)” was conceptualized to bring together experts from various fields to:

  1. Support advancement of Blastocystis research by bringing together professionals from various disciplines and countries;
  2. Foster information sharing on current methodologies, especially in the areas of subtyping, host-Blastocystis-microbiome interactions and Blastocystis-omics;
  3. Promote capacity building via a transdisciplinary network of international collaboration;
  4. Open avenues of communication with veterinarians, physicians and general public.

By the end of this Action, participants will be able to:

  • Apply state-of-the-art tools for molecular identification of Blastocystis;
  • Harmonise methodologies for subtyping Blastocystis and identifying its role within the gut;
  • View Blastocystis under One Health approach;
  • Generate novel hypotheses to test role of Blastocystis in the gut ecosystem, health and disease.

Working Groups

Leadership – Action Chairs, Vice Chairs and Group Leaders

Mapping Blastocystis epidemiology and diagnostics

Blastocystis collection and database

Blastocystis ‘omics generation and analyses

Blastocystis in vivo and in vitro investigations

Blastocystis – dissemination and education